5 Reasons to Buy a Used Vehicle Instead of a New One

5 Reasons to Buy a Used Vehicle Instead of a New One

5 Reasons to Buy a Used Vehicle Instead of a New OneFor the smart shopper, buying a used vehicle provides excellent value. With brand new vehicles, significant deprecation occurs as soon as you leave the dealership. But used vehicles depreciate at a significantly slower rate. Here's a look at five benefits of buying a used car.

Save Money

For many car shoppers, the most appealing reason to buy a used vehicle is that the cost tends to be much lower. On average, people who buy brand new cars get a new one every six years. After six years, there's a good chance that a vehicle has significantly depreciated in value, but still runs strongly. It's this sort of scenario where you can find a great deal on a great car.

Minimize Depreciation

New cars tend to lose about half their value within three years. By some estimates, new cars lose 10% of their value as soon as they drive off the lot. But the older a car gets, the slower its value depreciates. If you're a particularly patient and discerning shopper, there's a decent chance you'll be able to find a used vehicle at a price where you can drive it for a couple years and then get all of your money back when you sell it.

Environmental Benefits

It's worth bearing in mind that vehicles don't only cause pollution while they're actually being driven. The manufacturing process is also very polluting. It's estimated that about one-fourth of a vehicle's lifetime carbon emissions take place through the processes of manufacturing and shipping.

Vehicle History Reports

These days, user-friendly websites like CarFax make it a lot easier for shoppers to learn a vehicle's background.

Lower Insurance

When insurance companies calculate rates, one of the biggest factors is the value of the vehicle that is being insured. This means that used vehicles can usually be insured at lower rates, and without gap insurance.

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Posted: August 08, 2020

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