Should I get a coolant flush?

Should I get a coolant flush?

Should I get a coolant flush?To keep your car running as strongly as possible for as long as possible, it's important to always stay current with your auto maintenance. As part of properly maintaining your cooling system, you should get a coolant flush every 30,000 miles. When a cooling system is neglected, there's a greater risk of overheating, which can cause serious engine trouble. Here's a look at five important reasons to get a coolant flush.

Eliminate Contaminants

Outdated antifreeze can eventually lose its anti-corrosive properties. In turn, this can create the opportunity for contaminants to accumulate. During a coolant flush, these pollutants are removed from the system and new antifreeze will prevent them from building back up.

Get Rid of Acidic Antifreeze

Old antifreeze is liable to turn acidic and then begin to clump. As part of a coolant flush, your vehicle will be filled up with fresh antifreeze that you can trust to perform like it should.

Increase Lifespan of Water Pump

When you get cooling system service, the fresh antifreeze will contain additives that provide lubrication for your water pump. Because it can be rather expensive to replace your water pump, you'll want to maximize your pump's lifespan.

Rust Prevention

New antifreeze can play a central role in preventing the buildup of rust and foam, which will help to keep the engine in healthier condition.

Keep Up with Maintenance Plan

For optimal performance and safety, your vehicle's maintenance schedule should consistently be followed. Cooling system care is an important aspect of any vehicle's overall maintenance plan.

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Posted: June 09, 2020

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